Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eidul Adha's .. Eve?

It's full of randomness today, I guess. So I'll just make a quick update because - yes, because I'm a busy person. (NOT!)

I woke up late today. By that I mean, really late. I wasted half of the day just wandering around in my dreams. Yes, I'm such a lazy girl thank you very much.

So anyway, remember my sis who came back home after a long year studying in UK? Well, today she just got all excited about baking some small cakes for us. WEIRD. But it sounded good enough to me though!

Wow, that was fast.

Sofy was just posing, I think.

Sofy and I helped her to make those small cakes. And everyone in the house helped too - eating all of the cakes. Haha.


Good job sis, you did alot of good work today. ;P So yeah, she was feeling rather exhausted after all the hard work.

Thanks for the cakes!

After dinner, my other sister Balqis asked me to help her fix some food for tomorrow's Eidul Adha celebration at my great-grandma's house.

No, we didn't plan to make one of those Malay food like rendang or anything. We figured that we should make something different. Something simple. Yeah, "simple". We wanted to make Lasagna.

I thought that sounded yummy and maybe fun to eat, but I ended up with peeling the onions. While I was watching the movie 'The Game Plan' with my brothers, my sister asked me to peel some of the onions that she handed over to me.

I was the only one crying in the TV room. No, not because I'm too emotional (haha). It was the onions that made me cry, obviously. It seemed really weird because the movie was supposed to be funny. *peels more onions*

Then I helped my sisters to make the sauce at the kitchen. While we were in the kitchen doing all the work, I saw Salahuddin and Fatimah (my cute niece and nephew) were playing with each other in the living room.

I'm so jealous!

My sister Sofy didn't really help with the kitchen work this time. She was enjoying the 'Monsters Inc.' movie. She just didn't seem to get bored with the same old movie all the time. We watched that over 10 times already. Yay.

My other nephew Umar woke up while we were cooking. And it was already night time. Too tired, I guess. He didn't join the other babies playing with the toys, but sitting alone on the stairs instead.

Poor boy.

The Lasagna turned out to be great. Can't wait for the celebration tomorrow. Happy Eidul Adha everyone!

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