Thursday, January 1, 2009

First Entry In 2009.

*blink* *blink*

I can't believe it.

Hey it's already 2009?

Time moves by reaaaally fast, huh. So yeah, this is my first entry for 2009. It's 11.46PM right now. *sigh*

I was planning to post this entry earlier. But since the house phone calls are free today, almost all my friends called me. Yes, seriously. Almost ALL of them called me.

My ears are too tired to listen to anything right now.

My voice, ugh, there isn't any at the moment.

God, I am getting fat. Which means I'm lazier than ever.

What the - am I rambling? Very sorry guys, didn't mean to let you read all the rants.

*pinches hands*

Oh well , have a happy new year everyone ;)

Don't let all the loud noises from the fireworks keep you from having a good night sleep, okay. Pssh fine, too late for me to say that anyway. Bye.

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